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Avoid Distractions OPSS3.COM 수유오피 수유건마 오피쓰

Contrasting trim and obvious diagonals are all distracting from both the gown and you. If the trim and fabric are the same color, the judges will see more of you. I also recommend you avoid prints. These can be distracting and end up looking prom-ish. The exception to this rule would be a small pint that is up close to the face, again, drawing the eye up. Also, avoid shiny fabrics. This will only magnify any shaking you might do. You never want to look nervous on stage.

Benefits of Beauty Pageant OPSS3.COM 수유오피 수유건마 오피쓰

Just like athletes contestants in beauty pageants train to win the gold, they learn to control their nerves, they train to present themselves the best, they train for different aspects of the competition, they are supposed to be fluent, charismatic and intelligent and they train for these as well.

Hardwork pays, luck should never be underestimated, natural talent never hurts nobody.

Although, we call them beauty pageants but not every winner is the prettiest, and because you know, as I mentioned above, beauty is not all judged but nonetheless a beautiful contestant have one box naturally ticked.

It brings happiness to people, If you are aware of current news and aware of a pageant crazy nation called Phillipines, you’ll know that today it can be undoubtedly claimed as the happiest nation on earth, at least for a couple of days. It brings happiness to people, just like singing and dancing.

These pageants are also wonderful platforms for recognising charismatic and talented women and giving them a shot at their dreams.

And as it is customary in today’s times, a pageant got to have an advocacy, not every pageant does justice to their advocacy but there are some who’ve set an example for humanity to follow and yes I am talking about Miss World Beauty with a Purpose program.

It is business as well, yes you need money to organise such things, sponsors are needed, venue cities organise such events to promote tourism, prize money and the whole package has to come from somewhere. And therefore, it’s a big business, and what businesses do, they provide jobs to people.

That’s all I can think of right now. But I think i have proved that beauty pageants are not really that bad, as they have the reputation of.


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I Was a Beauty Queen for a Day OPSS3.COM 수유오피 수유건마 오피쓰

On November 9, nearly 90 women from across the globe will compete for the title of Miss Universe 2013 live from Moscow, Russia.

Every year, beauty pageants stir up a lot of talk and controversy. There are those who believe pageant queens are furthering themselves, promoting meaningful platforms and representing their countries on a world stage. And then there’s the other camp that says pageants go against everything feminism is about. When two of the three categories the women compete in are “evening gown” and “swimwear,” it’s hard to not agree. (Clearly, I haven’t quite come to see the relationship between strutting around in a bikini and heels and self-betterment.)

So when the idea got tossed out at an editor’s meeting to actually go to a “pageant bootcamp” and see what it really takes to get ready to compete for the crown, I jumped at the chance. I went to see Holly Allen, who held the title of Miss Wyoming when she competed in Miss USA 2012, at Chic Secret Image Management and Pageant Preparation for a full lesson on what it takes to get pageant ready. And guess what: it wasn’t all pretty.


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PageantPrep Services OPSS3.COM 수유오피 수유건마 오피쓰

The PageantPrep team of professionals offers coaching for all aspects of competition, including pageant paperwork, interview, introduction, hair and makeup, walking, posing, turning, onstage presence, public speaking, platform development, optionals and talent.

Every aspect of your preparation is important – how you look, walk and carry yourself in your gown and swimsuit, as well as how you fill our your contestant information, how you present yourself in the interview and how you speak on stage for your introduction and/or your onstage question.  Of all these areas of competition, however, the interview is the most underestimated.

Why is interview so important?  The interview room is the only place where you can distinguish yourself from the other beautiful, in shape girls who look great onstage, and truly allow the judges to learn who you are and what you’re all about.  It’s your personality and your personal experiences that really make you different, memorable and unique.  Interview is the critical portion of the competition where you should, and must, set yourself apart from all the other beautiful contestants with whom you are competing in order to win that crown.

PageantPrep has developed an exclusive copyrighted interview workbook that will help you craft your own individual presentation for the judges unlike that of any other contestant in the competition because it is based on your life and your experiences.  Our workbook combined with our teaching techniques and over 900 practice questions will provide you with unparalleled expertise and instruction to master your pageant interview.

In addition, our educational backgrounds and collective expertise as pageant titleholders, pageant judges, and coaches in over 40 pageant systems means that you have unparalleled insight and experience for all elements of competition both onstage and off as compared to any other coaching company in the nation.

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Build a Support System OPSS3.COM 수유오피 수유건마 오피쓰

Winning a pageant is no small accomplishment, and in order to win you’re going to need a support system to back you up. Fill your life with people that support and lift you up. A great way to do this is to work with Pageant Coaches and professionals for each area of the competition. You want people who will be honest with you about where you’re at, but encourage you to push forward and improve.
Find friends who are pursuing their big goals, and walk alongside and encourage one another. Find a buddy to train with. The options are limitless and the support is invaluable. Bringing people into your pageant journey allows them to celebrate in your success, and gives you that extra encouragement that you need before you hit the stage or the interview room.
With a carefully crafted plan to win the crown, you’ll be ready to take on your next teen pageant with the utmost confidence. Having specifically selected your pageant and tailored your pageant journey to your own unique skills and aspirations, and with a game plan and a support system, you’ll be ready to shine on the pageant stage and win the crown at your next teen pageant.

OPSS3.COM 수유오피 수유건마 오피쓰

Ryan Soto is a member of the board of directors of the Mr. Gay World Philippines Organization (MGWPO), and a co-founder of other gay pageants in the country. “We’re trying to break the stereotypes [with these pageants],” he says. “Through this, we reintroduce and redefine the image of gay men.” Photo by JL JAVIER


But a specialized pageant has its specialized problems. The way people express themselves in terms of their sexuality has been diversified to the point of abstraction — a good thing, but also somewhat makes it difficult for the pageant’s screening committee to select qualified candidates.

“Sometimes, you doubt if this [candidate] is really gay,” explains Flores. “But then again, of course, nobody will come out and join a pageant and brand himself as gay if he is not gay.” Before Mr. Gay World Philippines gained more television exposure, some straight men even attempted to join for the prize money, which is higher than that of a conventional male pageant.

This is largely because the gay pageant hinges on the process and format of hetero pageants — an issue capable of sparking a double edged debate. On one hand, there is the aforementioned specialized problem, and on the other, the fact that this sort of screening process template has been effective for beauty pageants everywhere, and in the same way, should be applied to every aspiring individual, gay or not. Points of judgement — even for Binibining Pilipinas and Miss Philippines Earth, among others — have always been the “face, build, and personality,” Flores says. All training therefore revolves on these three main aspects, such as, as Flores reiterates, working out, personality training — especially for the question-and-answer portion — and refining how the contestant presents himself visually.

But this may only be a small cost and a slight compromise in holding a pageant for the purpose of destroying heteronormativity. Hopefully one day, society will adjust until specialized problems become naturalized and accepted into the norm.

About Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant OPSS3.COM 수유오피 수유건마 오피쓰

Since 1995 for more than 21 years, Universal Royalty® Beauty Pageant has been organizing the nation’s best children’s beauty pageants, baby pageants and little miss beauty contests. Based in Austin, Texas, we host pageants all over the state, as well as online pageants that anyone can compete in. You’ll love the glamorous, fun-filled family atmosphere at our pageants. We pride ourselves on the quality of the competition and level of professionalism we offer. Every contestant receives an award and gift bag just for entering our pageant.

Universal Royalty® Beauty Pageant is the number-one children’s beauty pageant in the United States, Trademark BRAND known around the world for the quality of our pageants, exquisite prizes, beautiful roses and huge trophies awarded. Universal Royalty® has been featured on Toddlers & Tiaras™ Television Show more than 17 times and has hosted child beauty pageants in Ireland, Australia, UK and accross the US.